Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Influential Bloggers List

The following are my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009:

1. Doctor Z of Zorlone

Zorlone, also known as Doctor Z
a blogger so influential to me.
I have read his poetry, i'm astonished with his rhymes,
I wish you goodluck, for today it's time for you to shine.

2. Roy The Struggling Blogger

Roy, my influential struggling blogger,
also a son, brother and a father.
I'm inspired with his articles, a great work of art.
Ideas came from his mind and his warm golden heart.


3. Angel Cuala of Father Blogger dot com

Angel Cuala, our own father blogger,
many inspired by his work so don't even wonder,
how he attained where he is now,
so let us show our respect
and give this man a bow.

4. Irene of LifeLots

Irene of lifelots stated that some things are meant to be
and some things are just not meant to be.
I agree, now it makes sense to me,
How she was meant to be an influential blogger to me.


5. Jan Geronimo of WritingToExhale

Jan Geronimo, a jedi blogger who takes his sunday off.
Do not speak aloud, just whisper soft.
His Queen Amidala might hear us and he might be kicked off,
in his majesty's elite soldiers whom he served
several years and several years more.


6. Luke of A Walk In The Dark - A very informative blog about cyberspace, system protection and back up systems. Enjoy his world of unending universe.

7. Holly Jahangiri of It’s all a matter of Perspective: Mine - There are so much to read in her exciting blogging world. I recommend you to read them.

8. Bingkee of I Love/Hate America - If you want to know the things to love and those things to hate in America then i recommend you to read her blog. There are lots of things to discover.

9. Kelvin Servigon of Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0 - Fancy Cars, Hi-tech Gadgets and New Technologies are mostly his topics. I love gadgets, and definitely love CARS. A reason for me to love this blog. Try it, maybe you will love it too.

10. Dee of Tales From The Mom Side - A blog made by a loving mother. Written her experiences in her blog. Explore her Motherly world.

I apologize to the rest of the nominees for not being able to compose a verse for you. You see folks i'm running out of time because i have to study for our midterm examinations. I have to study, pray for me so that i would pass it with flying colors. I'll try to compose eventually when i'll have ample time. Goodluck to all of you.

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  1. Hi Timz,

    Hi, I'm Jan of WritingToExhale. Thanks a lot for the nomination.

    Please go to Ms. Janette's blog at Influential Blogger and leave a comment that you've made your post of top 10 list. The post you will have to comment is this: http://www.influentialblogger.net/2009/05/join-top-10-emerging-influential-blogs.html

    Kindly provide a link to this post as well so Janette can check out your entry to her blog contest.

    Thanks, Timz. God bless.

  2. 0801200912191222

    Free falling words tumble,
    summersault daces in the air.
    I cringed.
    Waiting for the loud thump,
    echoing nowhere.

    The letters fell,
    They lined up to take a bow.
    I apllauded.

    Thank you for the nomination! I really appreciate the poem you made.


  3. Hi Timz,

    I know it's a Sunday and it's supposedly my day off. Why am I here? Timz, my first comment on your blog bothers me. It sounds as if all I'm concerned about is ensuring your vote counts in this contest.

    That's important too, right? After all, you've come this far to make your voice heard - might as well do every detail to a perfection.

    I apologize for seeming standoffish in my previous comment. It's a bit off-putting for someone who aspires to be influential, right?

    Thank you very much for the lovely verse you've composed for my blog. I truly appreciate the extra effort you've gifted your nominees with. ",)

    Good luck with your studies, Timz. Feel free to drop by my blog for some conversations - who says studying well and having a little fun don't go well together? Ahehehe. Your university would not have made blogging a part of your academic tool/training if this is harmful to your studies, would it?

    Keep focused on your education, but have a blast every now and then, Timz. :)

  4. Hi. This is to mark your entry as complete. For raffle inclusion, please update your list of sponsors. Hope you can join this Saturday.

  5. Hi Timz!

    Nice poems! I love the poem you made for me. Thank you very much for the vote.

    I am also glad to finally meet all of you this afternoon.

    Keep on blogging Timz!

  6. Nice to finally meet you too Sir. Roy!

    Thanks for the pins.. :)

    Godbless and Take Care..

  7. Awesome, Timz. You're also a poet and a geek! Keep it up. BTW, thanks for nominating my blog.

    -Luke of A Walk in The Dark
    A Jedi shall not know fear