Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drug Test or No Drug Test

"Do You Think That Drug Testing Should be Done as a Requirement for Admission to Schools? Why or Why Not?"

I think that Drug Testing should be done as a requirement for admission to schools as long as the results are kept confidential. Also, it is indeed a great opportunity to those users to seek help. Those results that came back positive must have their private session with the guidance office of the university. It is like assisting those victims to end their obsession of illegal drugs. Another thing, if universities will implement this policy it has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us not only look at the brighter side, but also at the darker side of the issue.

One advantage is that students who take illegal drugs will have the probability to stop because if they don’t they will be screened and will test positive to drug tests. They might not be admitted to the school. I believe that there is no parent who’s going to entrust their sons/daughters to a university knowing that some of the classmates of their children are addicts. Agree?

One disadvantage is when students know that there are Drug Tests they might get scared that they will be humiliated and would not come to school at all. If there are great number of students who took drugs, lots of students will not come to class or would even drop out.

If this happens, percentage of dropouts will increase. The number of dropouts then will be higher than the number of those students who will be graduating.

I firmly believe that implementing this policy will be of great help to the students, their parents and the whole country as long as it is monitored and there should be student confidentiality.

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